Entry: Today he is turning 1 year and 5 month. Friday, May 11, 2012


I once said that I'll stop updating firas milestone, but I can't help it, I can't stop from jotted down his development. And now he's in a miracle of 1 year and 5 month. He did miracle things everyday and always surprised us with his new skills.

More often, he always mumble things that we don't understand and his daddy always ask me to open google translate to translate his words <- like google thattttt intelligent to translate baby's word kan..hahahah... But, 3 weeks ago when we visiting his grandparent at kepong, he shocked us by saying this 3 words "di nak tu" 'di is refer to his daddy' and he's pointed to banana haging on the wall as he said that. And he's just turn 1 year and 4 month a week before that. Now everytime he wanted something he will said "nak tu". But we already tought him, which one can he have and what not, what mine and what his. Moreover, he know how to open the gate okeh...this kid, really cannot out of my sight..... if not, to plaground he will go...haish..

And today when I send him to his mama as, his bs, she told me that yesterday they were shocked cos firas said "jam munyik" as he heard the washing machine chime, and the chime same like our clock chime. And every morning I'll wake en.ed to off the clock by saying "abg jam bunyi". That's where he got the idea I guest. Today also, his bs said she want to start potty train him. Whether it a success or not, we'll see.

It's a bless everyday to see him developed and learn new thing. He also already know what litter and always pick it up and give it to me. This weekend I will teach him how to use the garbage can. As for his milk bottle, he will put it on the bed side table once he's done even though I just put it beside me in the bed, he will wake up and put it on the side table.

p/s : And he start climbing sofa, up and down several time. I don't know what he's up to but it seem fun him.


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