Entry: Jingle Jungle sterilizer and warmer review. Friday, April 20, 2012

Since too many people keep asking me about my jingle jungle sterilizer and warmer.. baiklah saya terus tulis review pasal produk ni kan <- tolong mempromosi neh...

First of all.. for the sterilizer.

sterilizer keep sterilize up to 6 hour.
- So every 12 at nite I'll turn on the sterilizer then the next morning 6 am, still sterilized. Very convenience. Only 8 minute to sterilize. Once I turn it on, I'll leave it to shut off automatically.

Never had to dry it up.
- I already use it almost a year and never dry it up even once, but it still functional well.

Package include handle.
- Yes convenience too.. cos when I want to use it immediately, I use the handle to take the bottle right away after it's done sterilized.

The bottle warmer
Auto shut off
- sangat suka functionality ni. Cos I use to make firas's milk for 2-3 feeding at once, and keep warm the milk all nite long without having a hard time to always monitor to keep it off.

Include baby food har
- The package include the baby food jar. Not really use it. But still it's a plus.

- Heating temperature can be adjust accordingly.

Fit most wide neck bottle.
- I already confirm it with the supplier and the warmer fit most bottle brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Dr Browns, etc. And I use avent honey tinted bottle for firas.


p/s : Unfortunately, the package doesn't include car warmer. But I don't mind cos I don't really want it in my car.


November 18, 2013   08:38 PM PST
Wani : Saya tak cairkan susu dalam warmer. saya just cairkan dekat suhu bilik then, saya biasanya biarkan je dalam warmer sebab warmer akan auto off sendiri.
November 18, 2013   08:36 PM PST
Naja : saya setting dekat no.1. Suppose to be after dah panas, dia akan auto off. Saya punyer memang auto off. Tapi nampaknya warmer ni tak tahan lama, sebab masuk anak kedua dah rosak. heee.. ;)
November 1, 2013   04:46 PM PDT
Dear, I pun ader warmer ni. U setting mcmana setting 1 ke 2? Lg satu dia Ada Auto power off I dh try setting kt 2 panas sgt Lps tu lampu still on off Lps 20 min. Blh terang kn canna u guna? Tq
May 8, 2013   11:49 PM PDT
salam...bape lame amik masa utk panaskan susu guna warmer ni?bape lame ek susu akan cair?hrp blh kongsi
March 22, 2013   05:21 PM PDT
Thank you for the review. Saya mmg tgh carik bottle warmer n sterilizer mana yg plg best. Tq again!
February 25, 2013   04:32 PM PST
As-salam, bekas hijau tu boleh take off. Just masukkan air dalam warmer then masukkan botol. Bekas hijau tu untuk panaskan bubur.

February 18, 2013   09:51 AM PST
Salam, nk tnye..yg warmer jingle jungle tu ade bekas ijau tu..kite nk panaskan susu dlm tu or kne take it off

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