Entry: My New Inverter Fridge and fuzzy logic rice cooker Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saya sangat suka <- I like so much-much more... my new fridge already arrived..yeayyyy. Thank you.. thank you... thank you so much darling sebab membelanja isterimu ini. Hug and kisses for you <- love you even more.... hehehe rasa macam nak guling-guling tidur sebelah fridge tu. Alhamdulillah... setelah sekian lama mengidam peti ais baru, barulah dapat...<- patutlah firas asik keluar air liur je.. ngeh2... and now bolehlah saya say bye bye to my old fridge. Okay... actually I want a freezer. But if I buy a freezer, he said it would be a wasted cos sooner or later we'll(or he) going to replace our fridge,<- me start thinking "entah bila lah tu nak jadi kenyataan kan..haih..". And he suggest me to just buy 2 door fridge. And my dream is to have 2 left and right open door fridge with a freezer drawer in the bottom. But that one is so expensive <-juling biji mata saya tengok price dia and due to some circumtance, ntah macam mana... nenong-nenong... finally I made up my mind and decided to bring home this one. Panasonic Inverter. Very spacious and energy saving. We got discount Rm200 from TNB and added RM150 discount from sen heng if you are a member. so we just pay around 2k for it. Plus we also bought a new rice cooker. Sangatlah kebetulannya..... dia nak rosak. Old rice cooker pun dah berkhidmat almost 8 years, since my studied in UTM. Why I choose this rice cooker instead of conventional one is because it's ability to slow cook and cook porridge. Make my life easier. Firas pun happy dapat makan porridge tiap-tiap hari... ada juga functionality untuk steam.... lepas ni senanglah nak wat siakap steam... yummmiii....
As for my old fridge, I'll give it for free to our new tenant. Hopefully they will taking care of it as much as I do cos the fridge already serving me for almost 5 years..

Why I bought this inverter model
- My old one need more energy to maintance. Every month need to defrost. Penat lah...
- Our old fridge don't have enough space for our food.
- Cannot stock milk. Which I regret until this moment.
- Our tenant ask for a fridge. So instead of buying new/second fridge for them we willingly to give in our old fridge.
- Energy saving up to 40%.
- A big storage for freezer in the bottom, no need to kneel down to get my stuff.
- very big, even firas can sleep in it. ngeeee...

How to get discount from TNB. Just show your TNB bill to the salesman and they will contact TNB to calculate the discount
amount you are eligible for. Like mine, I'm eligible for RM200 discount provided my TNB bill is RM80++. Plus, it only apply for inverter appliances only.

source : http://www.panasonic.com.my
for more picture u can view it from this blog. I found while googling it.
The rice cooker. white/brown rice, slow cook, porridge, baking cake, steam, etc...

p/s : Like a friend of mine said, "Best kan dapat benda yang kita idam-idamkan, tak kiralah benda tu murah ke mahal, tapi sebab kita dah teringin kan..so feeling dia lainj sikit..." ye betul tu.... :)


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